LD Ground work/In hand Work & Rehabilitation Study Group

This group is a subscription Facebook group and will focus solely on ground work/in hand work and rehabilitation. It is open to all levels of experience in these topics and can be used as a resource for information.  It will be a place you can receive feedback on your work with your horse and we can share ideas and thoughts, I will share my knowledge and expertise in these topics and will post content featuring what I do including exercises and addressing topics you’re interested in. 

Within your subscription there will be an optional opportunity to have an assessment within the group via photos and video to understand your horses current posture and movement patterns and to find an appropriate starting point or progression focus. Horses with specific diagnosis’s also welcome here.  This will enable everyone to learn how to assess and then how to move forward with the work.

This group will work on a monthly subscription basis with the ability to unsubscribe at any time. Unsubscribing will result in being removed from the Facebook group.

Subscription costs

LD members £17/month a link for subscription will be posted in the members group 

Non members £20/month click here

Once payment has been confirmed you’ll receive an email with the link to join the facebook group [please check your spam folder]. Click the link in the email and join the group see you there!

Payment will be taken automatically each month.

If you unsubscribe your subscription will run until the date of your next payment. After that you will be removed from the Facebook group. You can re subscribe and rejoin the group at any time 

Long Drove reserves the right to remove any subscribed group member at any time for not following the rules of the group