Holistic Training

Taking a holistic approach to training considers all aspects of the horses physical, mental and emotional state.  There are many factors that can influence these such as management, tack, feed, hoof care, general well being and much more.

In my training philospy everything involved with your equine partner needs to be considered in order to develop a training stratergy that will optimise learning and development for long term soundness and a happy partnership.

Just like people no one horse is the same so an individual program is required to improve results and progress.

Depending on the starting point  and the particular horse and riders requirements sessions may include

Ground work – for spacial awareness and an understanding of being a horse in a human world

In hand work, lungeing, double lunge – To enhance to use of the horses body and to tackle improving dynamic posture

Equine Gym – Fun and empowering exercises using obstacle training to improve confidence and enhance the use of the horses body

Rider focused training – Human off horse training to develop body awareness, balance, stability and a better understanding of the aids

Ridden training – the ultimate in synchronised harmony as a partnership

Tara holds regular training clinics at Long Drove details of these can be found in the whats on section.  Tara is also available to teach as required at Long Drove to book a session or to discus your requirements please contact Tara on 07971187955