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13/7/19         Polework and Cavaletti    Book Here

20-21/7/19   Camp style clinic

28/7/19       Unaffiliated Dressage    Enter Here 

10/8/19       Polework and Cavaletti

15-18/8/19    Classical Horse Training Year course (external training)

24-25/8/19    Training The Horses Body and Mind

1/9/19       Unaffiliated Dressage    Enter Here

7/9/19           Polework and Cavaletti

14-15/9/19     Camp style clinic      fully booked

12/10/19         Polework and Cavaletti

17-20/10/19     Classical Horse Training Year course (external training)

9/11/19       Polework and Cavaletti

7/12/19       Christmas Polework and Cavaletti

15/12/19     Christmas dressage     Enter Here


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